Thursday, 5 July 2018

digi awards

 digi awards are coming up this is what im doing im doing this with Amelia its coming up soon so I think I should show you guys what ive done so far i hope you like it let me know what I should add remeber we dotn have much time so quickly say what I should add and ill do it! hope you enjoy:) have a nice day!

maths this week

     this week we were doing math for me it was hard because im not good at this kind of math are you guys good at math?
I hope you liked this weeks maths :)

my poem

this is my poem there is so much poems in there and most of them are funny I hope you enjoy!

Friday, 29 June 2018

news paper report-Rihanna

this is a news paper report were been working hard on it all week, Please comment with feedback about does it look like a real news paper report. this  might not be perfect because we only had two days to do this so it can't be amazing, I hope I have I haven't given you nightmares but this is NOT real so don't get any ideas  thx.

Volcano in America makes it to New Zealand!!

5th of june 2018, firemen and ambulances were called elegantly to try and save everyone, police were standing in front of the lava to try and stop people from going in. so many people jumped in the lava to try and save their kids, there was no chance if of anyone surviving, this was getting out of hand people were dead of fear.

when people tried to save their  family they died to, it wasn't fear on anyone to see they family or friends just kill themselves to be with family members or friends, please call 111 if you have seen any of the missing people.

at two in the morning it started to get REALLY crazy, the lava was in the water, it was heading to nz this wasn't good that meant that  the nz people were going to die.

if this goes on we will have to just go to the center of the earth until it makes a change we cannot Live like this anymore,  please contact us if you have other Ideas please talk to chelsea.
the lava was spreading more that means that its going more to nz than ever nz people had already taken their lives in fear they had already put there kids in the trap door were they keep the children in case of this matter it looks like they have been making stuff to keep their kids safe.

already so many people have died and that's only in nz so the police are looking for kids that have been killed by their parents because they have killed themselves with no one to look after the kids so they took their kids lifes to.

grace the news person says "this is crazy please help them" they try to keep away from it but if this happens again the world will most probably end sorry to people that like the world but there is not much we can do.

if you see a man called Kyle then please call 111 to win  $ 100,00,000,0000, this man is lying to others and making this sound a lot more easy then it is, he even tried to make people die.

Friday, 22 June 2018

this weeks work

this is this weeks work and I came up  with the idea because really all I do at home is things like this with Amelia my best  friend go follow her anyway I tried to make it funny (not good at that) I used some things about me like my favorite  animal is cats so I used a cat I just really wanted to do this I really hope you enjoy ;) 

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

skipping to count

last week we did skipping to count it is were we pick a number under 20 and count to 250 with it numbers I pick were  2 5  3 I think hope you enjoy.